The Program of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language offers courses of four levels including the Elementary, the Intermediate, the Upper-intermediate and the Advanced. Each level requires a learning period of 1 or 2 semesters. With a flexible system, the program allows international students to apply for the corresponding level of courses according to their Chinese language proficiency.

Courses are designed to help international students to learn the Chinese language knowledge and develop their Chinese communication skills, and to help them to pass HSK and further their major study.





One semester

Students reach level-2 of HSK;

Students can have a basic communication on daily topics.


One semester

Students reach level-3 or level-4 of HSK and can have a fluent communication on wider topics;

Students reach level-4 of HSK and can apply for undergraduate programs ofscience and technology offered by Chinese universities.

Upper- Intermediate



Students reach level-5 of HSK ;

Students can read Chinese papers and magazines, watch Chinese movies and TV programs, and make a complete speech in Chinese;

Students can apply for most undergraduate and graduate programs of arts offered by Chinese universities




Students reach level-6 of HSK;

Students can easily understand Chinese by listening and reading, express themselves fluently both by speaking and writing, and apply for all the undergraduate and graduate programs offered by Chinese universities.

"language + culture + skills" Chinese Language Curriculum

On the basis of strengthening the brand of "Language Training courses for International Students", the Teaching and Research Section of TCSL is building a new curriculum model featuring "language + culture + skills". We have built over 10 Intangible Cultural Heritage Practice Teaching Base for International Students, such as Ningbo Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall, and have carried out on-site cultural experiential teaching. Our international students have better understanding of China and enriched school life by participating in cultural experience and exchange activities, such as Chinese tea art training, learning Chinese calligraphy, learning Chinese Kongfu, E-Commerce Training, cultural tour and volunteer activities, etc.

International students are learning Chinese Medicine

International students are learning Chinese wedding culture in Museum of Wedding Customs

International students are celebrating Dragon Boat Festival in school