Foundedin1914,ZhejiangBusinessTechnologyInstitute(ZBTI)(Chinesename:浙江工商职业技术学院) has the distinction of being one of the first four full-time public higher vocational colleges approved by the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government. As such, the college has always been considered an excellent school for evaluating the work level of talent training in higher vocational colleges, as well as a model for higher vocational colleges in ZhejiangProvince.


The college’s main campus is located in Ningbo, an established commercial and international port city in China’s Zhejiang province. With convenient transportation (15 minutes by car to the city’s centre, 10 minutes  by car to Ningbo railway station, 15 minutes by car to Ningbo Lishe International airport, and 7 minutes by car to Line 1 of Ningbo’s subway system), the campus is ideally situated in Ningbo’s Haishu district. ZBTI also has two other smaller campuses located in neighbouringNinghai andCixi.


We serve more than 12,000 full-time students and more than 5,500 adult students. Our students come from all over Zhejiang province as well as neighbouring Anhui province and as far west as Sichuan and Xinjiang provinces. There are 623 faculty members and 438 full-time teachers, 87.44% of which are “dual-professional”   teachers,   including   170  teachers   with   Associate   Professor   and   above   titles,  and 325 teachers with a Master's degree orabove.


In total, the college has seven schools, with each school focussed on offering students a number of different majors within their discipline. They are: The School of Economics and Management, the School of E-Commerce, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of International Exchange, the School of Architecture and Art, the School of Electronic Information, and the School of Mindfulness.


For more than 100 years, ZBTI has adhered to the school motto of Honesty, Career, Wisdom, and Dedication. Our college’s philosophy is grounded in our dedication to providing quality-based and service-orientated education with a focus on the classroom as teacher-based and student-orientated. Mindful of its base in the commercial hub of Ningbo, the college aims to carry forward century old traditions of business education while being mindful of the need to adapt to economic and social development. ZBTI is considered to be a modern higher vocational technical college that emphasizes both “industry and business” and meets the needs of local economic and industrialdevelopment.


The college has established a strong domestic and international environment to strengthen co-operation and exchanges with domestic and foreign enterprises, schools, and governments. Internationally, ZBTI was part of the first batch of higher vocational colleges in Zhejiang Province (approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education) to carry out Sino-Foreign co-operative education programmes. For example, in 2002, ZBTI organised a Sino-Australian co-operative education project with Holmesglen College of Melbourne, Australia, and established a branch of Holmesglen College, an international vocational teacher training centre, and introduced the TAFE  education  model  within  the  School  of  International  Exchange.  The college has also signed co-operation agreements with educational institutions in 28 countries and regions to carry out exchanges and co-operationabroad.


The future looks bright as the college looks to advance and continue developing as a high-quality school, equipping students with the education and skills necessary for today’s rapidly changing world.


(This information is correct as of May 2021)