The First Batch of "Chinese+Live Streaming Skills" Training for the Indonesian Live and Media Overseas College has been Successfully Completed

Time:2023-12-12 Click:10

On the morning of November 24th, our school held the graduation ceremony for the first batch of Chinese+Live Streaming Skills training for the Indonesian Live and Media Overseas College. Zhou Zhichun, President of Zhejiang Business Technology Institute, leaders of the School of International Exchange, School of Architecture and Art, School of Digital Business, and International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Professor EKA and Professor MELLY from Mercu Buana University, as well as representatives of Going Global enterprises, attended the closing ceremony.

President Zhou Zhichun congratulates the university students from Mercu Buana University in Indonesia who have successfully completed all the training courses. The Institute is very concerned about the life and learning of the first batch of overseas students from Indonesia who came for short-term program, and has carefully formulated training course plans and practical activities for them. In just twelve days, courses were arranged on social media based Chinese speaking, intangible cultural heritage of China, live streaming practice and operation, short video marketing, cross-border e-commerce operation, etc. Visits were made to Ningbo Qianyang Live Center, Ningbo City Exhibition Hall, participating in a series of practical activities such as traditional Chinese medicine and food culture experience tour, port culture experience tour, and traditional drama art experience tour. The goal of this program is to help students enhance their understanding of the achievements of Ningbo's economy, culture, and education, and help them plan their future careers and become a cultural exchange ambassador for China and Indonesia.

Dong Jing, Party Secretary of the School of International Exchange, presented the completion certificates of the Chinese+Live Streaming Skills training course to the students, and Lou Xiaodong, Dean of the School of Digital Business, presented the completion certificates of the Ningbo E-commerce College.

Wang Yang, Vice Dean of the School of Architecture and Arts, awarded the Special Lecturer Certificates for the Live Streaming and Media Overseas College to three teachers, EKA, MELLY, and NADYA. Huang Xing, Chairman of Ningbo Qiaodeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., representing the enterprises, also awarded the Special Lecturer Certificate to the three teachers.

As a co-construction unit of the Live Streaming and Media Overseas College, Cai Mingdong, General Manager of Zhejiang Fanbo Media Culture Co., Ltd., participated in the selection of the ZBTI in My Eyes short video production competition for the Chinese+Live Streaming Skills training course students. Four excellent works were selected and certificates were awarded. Everyone appreciated some of the excellent works of the students, showcasing their strong interest in learning about live streaming and media expertise. They discovered beauty from a cross-cultural perspective, captured beauty, and disseminated beauty, leaving a deep impression on the teachers and students attending the graduation ceremony.

The students from Mercu Buana University not only have strong learning abilities, but also have exceptional talent in singing and dancing. In their spare time, they rehearsed and brought exciting performances with Indonesian characteristics. They deeply expressed that the two weeks of study and life here were fulfilling and exciting, and the teachers and students of the two countries also established a deep friendship.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the the Belt and Road Initiative. The school keeps pace with the times, follows the trend, actively responds to the the Belt and Road initiative, expands overseas cooperation channels, strives to highlight the international vocational education brand and promotes international talent training, teacher training, skill training, people to people and cultural exchanges and other work to a broader field, a deeper level and a higher level.