ZBTI International Students Experience a Unique Mid Autumn Festival at Haishu District

Time:2023-12-11 Click:15

On September 27, 15 foreign students from Zhejiang Business Technology Institute come to Maoxin Village, Gulin Town to experience China-Chic sports with Asian Games elements such as cuju and archery with local young people. They also give full play to their imagination and write down their beautiful dreams about the Mid Autumn Festival and the Asian Games on the Song style round fan.

In the early autumn season of Maoxin Village in Gulin Town, the trees are still lush, and the cool breeze greets people. A pool of clear water surrounds the antique Home Tradition Experience Hall. International students strolling through it are attracted by the ancient and poetic atmosphere here. "Very interesting! This is my first time wearing traditional Chinese clothing to experience ancient Chinese sports, which has given me a better and deeper understanding of Chinese culture. I hope to have more opportunities to participate in such cultural experiences in the future", said Kenza, a Moroccan international student.

During the Mid Autumn Festival, there is one delicacy that cannot be lacking, which is mooncake. Mooncakes, also known as reunion cakes, are symbols of the bright moon and reunion. During the event, local youth warmly invite foreign students to participate in traditional festival projects such as mooncake making and fan writing. The international students, under the guidance of the dessert teacher, are making mooncakes with a unique and distinctive style, including filling with bean paste, pressing the dough, kneading the filling, and shaping it in a mold. "Mooncakes are as round as the moon in the sky, so Mid Autumn Festival should also be a reunion time! " After learning the meaning of Mid Autumn Festival, the international students present apprenticed a calligraphy master and wrote Chinese characters such as "中秋”(Mid-autumn Festival) and "我爱亚运" (I Love the Asian Games) on a Song style round fan, expressing their beautiful wishes.

"This is a vivid practice of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and it is also one of the series of activities of kindness, love and courtesy in our town." The relevant person in charge of Gulin Town said. The theme of the activity was "Passion for the Mid Autumn Festival and Sharing the Asian Games". On the one hand, foreign students can participate in national fitness activities through the Chinese Song style sports, and cheer for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou; On the other hand, they can feel the influence of traditional Chinese culture and taste the charm of traditional customs in this joyful atmosphere, and have a meaningful Mid Autumn Festival with rich heritage.