ZBTI news as a special report was published in large page of Guangming Daily

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    On July 15, “the"Guangming Daily" published a long article entitled "ZBTI‘sAdherence to New Model of County-School-Enterprise Cooperation” in its columnof Vocational Education. Back on July 1st, "Guangming Daily"published an article entitled "Ningbo Promotes Ninghai Mode ofSchool-County Cooperation ", which specially reported that the institutehas dedicated itself to develop a new model of"County-School-Enterprise" cooperation". With the aim of boostingcounty-level economic development based on headquarter base, ZBTI‘s new modelhas caused a widespread concern and a strong echo in the community.

    ZBTI‘s Adherenceto New Model of County-School-Enterprise Cooperation,

    Guangming Daily,July 15, 2014


     Ningbo PromotesNinghai Mode of School-County Cooperation,

    Guangming Daily,July 1, 2014