Professor Wu Qingji, Chief Principal of Taiwan University System Paid a Visit to ZBTI

Time:2014-09-12 Click:3653

    OnAugust 1, Professor Wu Qingji, the famous Taiwanese scholar, Chief Principal ofthe University System of Taiwan and Advisor of Lunghwa University of Scienceand Technology (LUST) paid a visit to the institute accompanied by Ge Zixiangand Lin Ruzhen , President and vice president of LUST respectively. ProfessorWu and other delegates were warmly welcomed and well received by Cai Zewei,Secretary of the Party Committee, Yaoqi Fu, President of the Institute andother school leaders.

    At themeeting, Cai Zewei first delivered his warmly welcome to Wu Qingji ‘sdelegation and gave a brief introduction on recent development of ZBTI to theguests. Professor Wu fully affirmed the school’s achievement and expressed hisviews on the development of higher vocational education. Subsequently,  Pro. Wu gave a wonderful academic report forthe school’s administrators. About 100 people including school- level leaders,middle-level cadres, as well as directors and teachers from the relevantdepartments attended the meeting.

    Finally, Cai Zewei delivered his thanksagain for Wu’s excellent report in his concluding remarks.